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Any foodie in Kannur will swear by the finger-licking fish delicacies at the Odhen's Hotel which they fondly call Onden Hotel. And once you have had the food at this eatout on the Onden Road near the Kannur railway station and Muneeswara Kovil Road, you will definitely keep coming back for more.

Odhen's hotel began 12 years ago. Avoli (pomfret), ayakoora (seer fish), chemmeen (prawns), koonthal (squid), ayala (mackerel), kallumakaya (mussel), cutla, natholi (anchovy), veloori (white sardine), mathi (sardines) and meen mutta (roe) turns into a piping hot plate of lip smacking dish once it enters the kitchen of Onden hotel. Kannurites know their fish well and they cannot do without their all-time favorite ayakoora.

Onden Hotel is definitely one of the places which serve authentic fish delicacies of North Kerala; the simple yet delicious preparations here are liked by the celebrities and common people alike. The hotel is closed on Sundays and on festival days, and during Onam and Vishu Onden’s loyal customers have to wait for a week to enjoy their favorite seafood again.